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Frequently Asked Questions

Accounting Department

When is my invoice due?

Your invoice is due 30 days from invoice date.

Why do I receive a statement in the mail?

A statement is a friendly reminder of all outstanding invoices that are due and any credits that might be open your account.

What major credit cards does Matrix accept?

Matrix accepts Visa, Master Card, and American Express, but keep in mind that we do not allow any early pay discounts when paying with a credit card.

What version of AccuShade 5.0 do I have?

Please do the following to find out: a) Go to Help, b) Go to About.

Shipping Department

What do I need to do if my delivered freight arrives damaged?

As a courtesy to our customers, Matrix System files damage and loss claims with all of our carriers. This helps to ensure that Matrix can recoup their loss from the carrier. You, the customer will then receive a credit or replacement for the loss of material. In return, Matrix asks that you inspect all of your freight thoroughly upon receipt. The security tape we wrap around the pallet reminds you to do this. If you ever find this tape to be disturbed in any way, this is most likely an indication of damage or loss in transit. Even when there is no visual evidence of damage or loss, Matrix requests you perform the following procedure for each and every shipment. Compare your carton count with the count stated on the delivery receipt. Inspect all cartons for visible damage/leakage. Refuse any damaged cartons. Notate any shortage, damage, or refused cartons on the delivery receipt before signing it. Unpack the rest of your order and notify customer service no later than 24 hours from delivery if you find concealed damage (damage not seen until opening the cartons). Keep concealed damaged items in the original packing for carrier inspection. These steps ensure that we are able to file a carrier claim for reimbursement. If this process is not followed on each and every shipment, we will not be able to issue credit or a no charge replacement to you. Please do not hesitate to call us should you need any further clarification on this issue - Customer Service: 800.860.3660.

Computer Department

What do I do if AccuShade 5.0 will not find any formulas?

If the word "Any" is not in the following fields, shut down AccuShade 5.0 and restart the program.

What do I do if the factory codes (primary code, secondary code), manufacturer, or first year, last year are not being displayed in AccuShade 5.0?

Check the display manufacturers.

What do I do if the competitor codes are not being displayed in the AccuShade 5.0 formula list?

Check the competitor codes.

I can't see the entire screen. Is it cut off? How do I fix it?

Your monitor's screen resolution is set incorrectly. Minimize AccuShade 5.0. Right click on the desktop and left click on "Properties." Click on the "Settings" tab and slide the screen resolution so it reads "1024 x 768." Click "Apply" and then "OK" and when it asks to save the settings, click "Yes."

How do I display the OEM codes, Manufacturers, and Begin and End years?

There are two ways. a) To permanently display them, click on "Preferences," "Settings" and click on the "Search Defaults" tab. Click on the check box next to "Include Manufacturers" and click "OK." b) On an individual basis, click on the check box next to "Include Manufacturers" above the search button.

I get an "Unhandled Exception Error" when I start AccuShade 5.0, how do I fix it?

This error essentially means that the database and the software are not connected. To reconnect them, click "Continue" on the error message and close AccuShade. Restart your computer and restart AccuShade 5.0.

Why is the label printer only printing the first column of the formula?

On the page range selection of the print screen someone has selected pages and the page number is 1.

Why is the label printer not printing the formula?

On the page range selection of the print screen someone has selected pages and the page number is greater than 1.

How do I find a paint code?

First, enter the paint code under the paint code label. Then select exact match, contains, starts, or ends with (remember that exact match, contains, starts with, and ends with are used with manufacturers paint codes only). Exact Match - The search with match exactly the characters entered in the paint code. Contains - The search with look for paint code that contains the characters entered in the paint code. Starts With - The search with look for paint codes that start with the characters entered in the paint code. Ends With - The search with look for paint codes that end with the characters entered in the paint code. Finally, select "Search."

Tech Department

Why do I need a sealer before a basecoat?

It will help promote color uniformity, help with adhesion, gloss retention and help fill minor sand scratches.

What is the best primer Matrix has to offer for fiberglass?

RSP-140 Super Polyester Primer would be the best choice because it would stop wicking in the fiberglass, give excellent film build for sanding, and promote adhesion to the fiberglass.

When do I need a flex additive in my clearcoat?

When painting flexible parts or urethane bumpers that are off of a vehicle. When mixing a flex aid into a clearcoat follow the technical data sheets for the correct mixing ratio. You can always use a flex aid in the clearcoat where stone chips may be present after painting. This may help reduce stone chipping if needed.

Why would I use a high solids clearcoat over a normal clearcoat?

The advantages of a high solids clear would be a deeper gloss, better flow, fewer coats, and easier to work with while providing a wide range of use from spot to over all repairs.

Do I need a special paint gun to spray FX Series Basecoats?

No, the same spray gun that you use for your MPB/MSB Basecoats will work fine.

What does MX-57 do and why should I use it?

MX-57 is a basecoat activator that will actually help cure the basecoat. It is used to give the basecoat more durability. It can be used anytime that you do not clear coat an application and anytime you are doing art work or striping. It can also be used in all basecoat applications.

Can we shoot directly over e-coat and with what products?

No, Matrix recommends that you scuff sand all e-coat before priming and then the use of a Matrix epoxy primer or sealer is recommended.

Should I shoot MPB or MSB and what's the difference?

MPB is our premium basecoat. It will have a better color match with any metallic or pearl. It is a little more expensive but it is strongly recommended with cars 2000 to current. MPB has a 1:1 mix ratio. MSB is a little more cost effective and you may notice a difference in metallic color match. MSB has a 1:1:5 mix ratio.

What is the mix ratio of MPB-9000?

MPB-9000 Factory Pack Black mixes 1:1 with any 800 series MR reducer with MX-57.

Do I need to sand my sealer before applying the basecoat?

No, Matrix has a 30 minute flash time before applying the basecoat on the sealer that has not been scuff sanded. If you have exceeded that 30 minute window then Matrix recommends you to scuff sand, apply another coat, and then basecoat.

How do I get certified as a shop/painter?

A Matrix Representative will visit the shop and inspect the equipment, general shop conditions, etc., along with employee certifications to verify that they meet the requirements of the Matrix Certification criteria. For individual painters, either onsite or in house training can be provided.

Marketing Department

How do I get current pricing information?

Pricing can be obtained on the Matrix website, ttp://" or by contacting the Matrix Customer Service Department at 800.860.3660.

How do I find out about Jobber Clinics in my area?

Jobber Clinics are put on usually once a year in your territory by the Outside Territory Managers and the Technical Department at Matrix. For more information concerning dates and times contact your Territory Manager.

How do I enter the Annual Calendar Contest?

Information can be obtained from your local Jobber or by contacting Kelly Mack, Marketing Coordinator at"

What is the deadline for entry for the Calendar Contest?

Entries must be postmarked by August 31, 2010. Anything received after that date will be excluded from the competition.

What are the entry requirements?

The entry form must be sent in and filled out with a complete list of all products used on the vehicle. Digital files must be jpeg files with a resolution of 300 dpi and submitted on a CD. Photos and digital files must include a complete shot of the contest entry only; entries including people or objects other than the vehicle will be disqualified. Most important - all entries must have a total of 5 multiple shots of the vehicle.

What type of camera should I use to take photos?

It is recommended that you use at least an 8 mega pixel digital camera. By doing this if will give the images a sharp look. Images with low resolution will be disqualified.

How do I get a Sponsorship from Matrix System?

In order to be considered for sponsorship a Sponsorship Proposal Form must be completely filled out and then submitted to the Marketing Department. These forms can be obtained on the website.

How can I order Promotional Items through Matrix?

Information about ordering Matrix gear can be found on the website or by going to Ordering can now be done online through our site.

Customer Service Department

How do I become a Matrix Jobber and what is the process?

If you are interested in becoming a Matrix Jobber you will need to contact Laura Woods, Jobber Customer Service Leader at 800.860.3660. She will then check your location to determine if Matrix has a Territory Sales Manager in your area. If we do, then we will give you the TSM's phone number and obtain your contact information. We then provide our TSM with your information so that they can determine whether you are a good candidate for the area. If the TSM decides to sign you on as a Jobber, then they will request that the prospect submit a Credit Application and Distributor Profile. Based on the set credit limit a proposed territory is then created. The TSM will then go over the territory and as long as everyone agrees, then we will send out a Refinish Jobber Agreement.