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New Product Releases


MP-210 Direct-to-Metal Sealer is a premium “Coast to Coast” compliant DTM sealer offering smooth application over a wide range of conditions. This product provides good adhesion, excellent durability, corrosion resistance and can be used directly on almost any substrate. MP-210 DTM Sealer is designed for use under any of Matrix System’s solvent basecoats. 

• Great color holdout and inter coat adhesion
• Wet-on-wet sealer with DTM properties 
• Coast to coast (C2C) compliancy 
• Productive dry times

New! Euro Clearcoats

MS-78 Euro Clearcoat for National Rule and MSV-23 2.1 VOC Euro Clearcoat for compliant regions are the newest euro-style clearcoats developed by Matrix System. These products are medium solids clears with a 2:1 mix ratio. When used with Matrix System basecoats these clears give shops a high gloss appearance, VOC compliance, and a pocket full of money. Backed by our limited lifetime warranty, these clears deliver value without sacrifice. 

MP-200 Direct-to-Metal Primer

Matrix System’s MP-200 DTM Primer Surfacer is a premium direct to metal (DTM) primer surfacer. This product is high build, fast drying, and easy to sand. MP-200 was formulated to provide excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance and can be used directly on almost any substrate. This product can be used “Coast to Coast” as it is 2.1 VOC.

MSV-25 Low VOC Quick Cure Clearcoat

MSV-25 is a fast cure, highly productive clearcoat designed specifically for use on 1-2 panel jobs when quick delivery is important. This clearcoat is ideal for collision centers that are looking at reducing refinish cycle times while offering a superior finish.

MS-15 Quick Cure Clearcoat

MS-15 Quick Cure Clearcoat is designed to provide the shortest cycle times for maximium efficiency. This clearcoat flows out to a smooth, durable finish with excellent gloss. MS-15 is intended for small, one panel size jobs.