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Unlock Your Profit Potential with Refinish Solutions...

Refinish Solutions provides you with a viable alternative to increase your competitiveness and market presence in the low cost paint market. Jobbers are now able to offer a secondary or "low cost" product line to their customers by simply carrying a few additional products.

Lowering costs by minimizing the need for an excessive inventory of products is the key to unlocking your profit potential. Refinish Solutions accomplishes this by mixing its basecoat directly off the AccuShade® Intermix System and that's just the beginning. Combining Refinish Solutions intermix color with competitively priced companion products and new low cost activators will provide you with the winning edge you need to leave your competition in the dust.

  • Minimal Inventory, Maximum Profitability
  • Easy to use formula retrieval system
  • Thousands of color formulas
  • Increased coverage at competitive prices
  • Options in a highly competitive industry

Simple, easy and affordable, isn't it about time you discovered your Refinish Solution?