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AccuShade® Color Retrieval System

Without easy-to-find, accurate paint formulas, the best intermix toners are useless. That is why we developed the revolutionary AccuShade® computerized formula retrieval system for painters. Fast, accurate, and easy to use, AccuShade® was designed with leading-edge computer technology. The AccuShade® Color Retrieval System offers you:

  • 35 years of domestic, foreign, and fleet formulas
  • Thousands of variant and alternative formulas
  • Simple, easy-to-use Windows® based software
  • Single screen formula selection
  • Internet connection readiness
  • Updated inventory, pricing, and VOC tracking modules
  • Easy to access MSDS and Technical Data Information

The AccuShade® Color Retrieval System has made finding the right paint formulas and information you need just got easier with Matrix System.

Matrix Acrylic Urethane Mixed Paint

Product #: MAU Quantity: CASE


Product #: MSB-500 Quantity: 6QT CASE