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Candy FX™

Create a sweet finish of deep liquid pools of color for your finest custom project with FX Candy Clearcoats, Midcoat Clears and Dyes to intensify any candy color. Reds so red, they radiate heat and blues that rival glacial ice. Let your imagination grow and your custom finishes glow with the outrageous FX Series Candies.

Mystical FX™

Create a dramatic color shift! Mystical FX produces dramatic color shifting pigments to create shifts from blue to emerald green, copper red to forest green, copper to violet to green, and more to provide an array of colors when viewed at different angles. Use different basecoats to produce deep, rich, clean colors with significant color shifts.

Mysterious FX™

Mysterious FX products are packaged in a liquid form that may be added to basecoats or midcoats to provide dramatic color shift effects such as: silver to green and magenta to gold depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

Metallic FX™

The Metallic FX series provides eye-catching shimmering flickers of metallic and fine metallic basecoats. Easy to use and fast to cover, these bases will quickly lay down flat to create just the effect you are looking for.

Vibrant FX™

The Vibrant FX series produces deep, dramatic color with rich tones when directly clear coated or used as a base for FX Candy or Pearl finishes - the perfect basecoat for custom work.