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Refinish Solutions Paint Products

Refinish Solutions Basecoat Converter

Product #: RPB-1000 Quantity: 4Gallon CASE

Low VOC Basecoat Additive

Product #: RPB-1000LV Quantity: 4G CASE


Product #: RSA-135 Quantity: QT CASE

Fast Build Urethane Primer Activator

Product #: RSA-165 Quantity: QT CASE

2.1 VOC Slow Activator

Product #: RSA-216 Quantity: QT CASE

Euroclear Activator Fast

Product #: RSA-217 Quantity: 2.5L CASE

Euroclear Activator Normal

Product #: RSA-218 Quantity: 2.5L CASE

Euroclear Activator Slow

Product #: RSA-219 Quantity: 2.5L CASE

Clearcoat Activator Fast

Product #: RSA-225 Quantity: QT CASE

Clearcoat Activator Normal

Product #: RSA-226 Quantity: QT CASE

Clearcoat Activator Slow

Product #: RSA-227 Quantity: QT CASE

2.1 VOC Clear Value Activator Normal

Product #: RSA-317 Quantity: 12Quart CASE


Product #: RSA-325 Quantity: 6QT CASE


Product #: RSA-326 Quantity: 6QT CASE


Product #: RSA-327 Quantity: 6QT CASE

Fast Basecoat Balancer

Product #: RSB-500 Quantity: G CASE

Medium Basecoat Balancer

Product #: RSB-501 Quantity: G CASE

Refinish Solutions Low VOC Binder

Product #: RSB-501LV Quantity: 4Gallon CASE

RSB-501LV Low VOC Binder is designed to reduce the the VOCs of the Refinish Solutions Basecoat System to help users achieve 3.5 VOC or lower. The RSB-LV System was formulated to reproduce the color and appearance of the OEM coating applied to your vehicle at the factory. This basecoat may be used fro spot, panetl, or overall repairs.

Slow Basecoat Balancer

Product #: RSB-502 Quantity: G CASE

4.2 VOC Euroclear

Product #: RSC-210 Quantity: 5L CASE

RSC-210 Euro Urethane Clearcoat is a 2:1 European style clearcoat formulated to be economical and easy to use while producing a high gloss finish throughout a wide range of changing shop conditions. RSC-210 provides great value for any application.

Extra Gloss Clearcoat

Product #: RSC-220 Quantity: G CASE

RCS-220 Extra Gloss Clearcoat is a high gloss, easy to buff, durable clearcoat with a 4:1 mix ratio. Extra Gloss Clearcoat sprays easily and flows to a high gloss finish and dries quickly.


Product #: RSC-310 Quantity: 4G CASE

RSC-310 Clear Value Clearcoat has excellent performance and appearance at an economical price. RSC-310 flows out to a smooth, durable finish with excellent gloss.

2.1 VOC Clear Value Clearcoat

Product #: RSC-320 Quantity: 4Gallon CASE

RSC-320 2.1 VOC Clear Value Clearcoat is an acrylic urethane clear. This product can be used over all solvent and water based basecoats. RSC-320 is one of the most economical clearcoats on the market today.

Grey Acrylic Lacquer Primer

Product #: RSP-100 Quantity: G CASE

RSP-100 Acrylic Lacquer Primer Grey is a high quality lacquer primer that is easy to spray and sand, with good build and performance.

Black Acrylic Lacquer Primer

Product #: RSP-110 Quantity: G CASE

RSP-110 Acrylic Lacquer Primer Black is a high quality lacquer primer that is easy to spray and sand, with good build and performance.

2.1 VOC Acrylic Lacquer Primer Grey

Product #: RSP-120 Quantity: G CASE

RSP-120 2.1 VOC Lacquer Primer is a high quality one component primer surfacer that is fast drying, easy sanding and is 2.1 lbs/gal VOC compliant. RSP-120 provides great value for many applications.

2.1 VOC Primer Surfacer

Product #: RSP-130 Quantity: 4G CASE

RSP-130 2.1 VOC Primer Surfacer is a urethane primer surfacer formulated for quick filling, easy sanding, and excellent color holdout under a wide range of shop conditions. RSP-130 provides the high performance you expect from a high build primer surfacer and features a 4:1 mix ratio.

Fast Build Urethane Primer

Product #: RSP-160 Quantity: 1G CASE

RSP-160 Fast Build Urethane two part primer surfacer sprays and sands easily, builds quickly, and dries fast to a high quality durable finish that minimizes scratch swelling.

Urethane Reducer Fast

Product #: RSR-300 Quantity: G CASE

Urethane Reducer Normal

Product #: RSR-301 Quantity: G CASE

Urethane Reducer Slow

Product #: RSR-302 Quantity: G CASE


Product #: RSS-150 Quantity: G CASE

RSS-150 RTS Sealer Grey is a ready-to-spray single component sealer designed to provide a smooth uniform surface for basecoats. RSS-150 dries fast to a smooth uniform finish that allows quicker coverage and produces a higher quality final finish.