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A Match Made in Heaven

Tropical Ford is an independently owned, full service dealership in Orlando, Florida that has been in business since 1983. In December 2010 a new Body Shop Manager, Joe Shepherd, was brought in with the task/goal of improving profitability within the department. In addition to increasing sales, Joe took a hard look at the cost of materials and realized they were too high relative to his sales. He soon learned that the shop had a lot of re-do’s based on color match issues.

Enter Matrix System

Two years ago when Joe lived in Tampa he needed to repaint his son’s car. He went to his local jobber and asked for paint that was “inexpensive but good.” They recommended Matrix System. He sprayed it and loved it! So, when he decided to look at alternative paint lines for the dealership body shop, he wanted to look at Matrix. Joe called John Coates of JCES (John Coates Equipment & Supplies) a sales person he has known for over 20 years. John called his local Matrix rep and set up the demos using the full line of Matrix products.

Quality and Value that can’t be Beat

By March 2011 Tropical Ford Collision Center had converted to using Matrix System products. According to Shepherd, “In the five months we’ve used Matrix; we’ve had zero vehicles come back for rework. The product is easy to use, has quick dry times and exceptional color match. Matrix is a high quality product for a low price.” Using the complete Matrix System product line, Shepherd says he as already improved his profit margin by approximately 20%.

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JRs Auto Body Realizes Dramatic Savings with Matrix System

Conversion Proves to be a Success

JR’s Auto Body has been in business for over 50 years in the Chicago-land area. A little over 8 years ago, the decision to convert to Matrix System products was made by owner, John Strauss. He was approached by his local supplier KC Body Shop Supply, who introduced Strauss to Matrix System. “The consistent and dependable service, mixed with great reliable products and lower prices made the decision easy for us,” stated Strauss.

Finding Value

JR’s Auto Body sampled the comparable products that Matrix System had to offer and found them to be of greater value. As Strauss said, “We’ve tried other paint brands in the past, but could find none that would compare to the quality, color match, and cost of Matrix System. We were delivering great looking vehicles with lower repair costs. Who wouldn’t find the value in that?”

Satisfaction Guaranteed

JR’s Auto Body is a first-class shop that has remained profitable and competitive by using Matrix System products in today’s challenging market. They have realized many advantages from the relationship such as immediate attention, a wide range of products, outstanding finishes, and considerable savings. According to Strauss, “We are completely satisfied with the full line of products that Matrix System has to offer. We have been able to deliver an outstanding finish on every vehicle that has passed through our shop and thanks to Matrix System we are able to remain profitable and competitive without making any major sacrifices.”

A Perfect Match is a Beautiful Thing

The relationship between JR’s Auto Body and Matrix System is one that makes perfect sense. JR’s Auto Body has been able to capitalize on accurate color match, outstanding service, and significant savings from Matrix System products. “It’s like the good ole’ days. We get to see our local distributor and the Matrix System sales rep from time to time. You just don’t get that kind of service from any other paint manufacturer today.” For more information about how you can experience the same benefits of using Matrix System, call 800.735.0303 or visit us online at

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Designer Street Rides started with Matrix

Javier Colon Realizes His Dream - Grows His New Custom Shop

Javier Colon has been painting ever since he was a teenager, painting and designing bikes, then moving on to customizing his very first car by painting small parts. While working as a painter three years ago, he was introduced to Matrix products. Soon afterwards, he realized his vision and opened Designer Street Rides, Inc. a custom classic and exotic/sport vehicle customization and restoration shop.

Matrix Quality and Performance are Second to None

"Since using Matrix, I've never had a problem with color match or performance. As far as quality and cost are concerned, it can't get any better for me and my shop."

The Matrix Advantage

After learning about Matrix's Intermix Paint System and the ability to mix FX™ Custom Colors, it didn't take much to convince Javier to "Put it to the Test."Using the FX Series™ line of paint, he experienced more vibrant colors, whichmade his custom work really stand out. "I love the fact that Matrix offers a variety of colors with beautiful color match. We also can mix as little as two ounces of paint and save 90% of the cost by buying a quart of factory packaged paint. I am honored to say that my customers always leave with a finished product that they are excited and proud of. It's what makes my job so enjoyable and worthall the hard work."

Another Satisfied Customer Joins the Thousands of Others Nationwide

  Designer Street Rides, Inc. is one of thousands of body shops that have proven Matrix to be a resounding success. According to Javier, "Quality, from the primers to the clears, is what makes Matrix stand above the competition. The considerable savings are also a huge benefit to the Matrix line of products." "Put it to the Test" today and see for yourself the awesome color match, performance, and savings that others are talking about. Call today to locate a jobber near you.   1-800-735-0303

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